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Many service providers in our field aim to focus on the motivational aspect of disability and aim to create only an understanding of what a person with disabilities live with on a daily basis. The Nthuse Team is different, we focus on the ABILITY of ALL PERSONS we do not focus on Disability!!! And we create an understanding of attitude, unity and teamwork within the workplace.


The Nthuse Team is dedicated to finding and implementing innovative solutions for the integration of People with Disabilities, by challenging the stigma, dispelling the myths around disability and ensuring a positive progression towards an inclusive society.

Nthuse operates nationally with branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Simultaneously, we partner with businesses to plan, implement and shape a total disability equity management strategy, with a view on the bottom line. Our processes and models are aligned to all relevant disability legislation, codes and guidelines.



  • Environmental and workstation audits for reasonable accommodation purposes incorporating technology requirements.
  • Customized integration workshops for HR, Team leaders and Staff.
  • Disclosure and Integration sessions, for both staff and Policy and Procedural Review.Within the above, we address the following:
    • Disability Mainstreaming,
    • Up-Skilling of individuals,
    • Promotion of equality,
    • Platforms for Meaningful and Profitable work situations, including Advancement,
    • Reasonable accommodation, and
    • Staff Retention.



Nthuse has Joined forces with internationally recognized, accredited, training providers (in various industry sectors) to ensure that our skills development programmes are of a high standard. We offer on-site training and Class-room style training. In order to address the issue of an “absence of pipe-line resourcing strategy” we need to understand that:

  • People with disabilities have not been given the opportunity for advancement due to the financial burden of further studies, and the Environmental and Educational barriers that exist. In many cases, people with disabilities do not hold a Matric.
  • These young people often have enormous potential but are not given the opportunities to excel as leaders of tomorrow.

We will therefore focus on:

Assessing of the client requirement and current BBBEE and Skills Development Plan

  • Customization of training and skills development for new and existing staff with disabilities
  • Source and Refer Candidates as per Job specifications
  • Technology assessment in terms of accommodation
  • Job coaching, Mentoring and Progress Management
  • Life Skills Programs in addition to learnership, to prepare learners for the world of work.

Nthuse Foundation will project manage the entire project from inception to conclusion. We work in conjunction with HR and Line Managers to identify progress and ensure that obstacles are minimized. Our learnerships and skills development programs main focus is to build a successful pipeline of people with disabilities for your organization.


  • Awareness and the Importance of Disclosure for all staff (Covering ALL disabilities)
  • Sensitization programs to address the Fear-Factor (Covering ALL disabilities)
  • Changing Attitude and Behavior in the workplace allows for successful INTEGRATION
  • Workshops for HR, EE and line managers around the management of disability integration and related policy and procedures
  • Change management workshops sustaining behavior and performance through periods of uncertainty and change
  • Substance abuse programs


  • We partner with specialists in the field of recruitment who will assist our students in finding learnerships,internships and full time positions after they have completed their studies
  • Environmental and workstation audits prior to recruitment
  • ReportingOn successful candidate placement with agencies, specialist or non-specialist in Disability Management, we also offer a reporting service on the individual’s disability. I.e.
    • Type and manner of disability
    • Suitable reasonable accommodation
    • Typical cost of accommodation
    • Disability percentage to work needed to be performed, as laid out by the American Medical Association and World Health Organisation
    • Accommodation needed by candidate, and who would supply this, i.e. Company vs. Candidate.
    • Includes costs


In addition to the above, we understand that the premise of successful integration and performance in the workplace, revolve around the necessary life and soft skills to perform and integrate successfully, for ALL concerned.

TRAINING FOR A HEALTHY ATTITUDE – can also be included in learnerships to prepare learners for the world of work.

  • What is Attitude and how does it impact my life and work?
  • The six principles of a Healthy Attitude
  • Cultivating a Positive Attitude
  • Self-Management – identifying a personal roadmap
  • Building and maintaining successful relationships at work
  • Stress Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Measuring and Tracking Success
  • Interviewing skills
  • Desk and Office Organisational skills
  • Time Management


  • Service as a Way of Life
  • Managing Customer Expectations
  • Innovation in customer service
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • The difficult customer
  • The Quality vs Quantity Principle
  • Effective communication styles and methods

Should you require further information please contact Kim Krynauw at nthuse@compute.co.za