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The Nthuse Foundation, founded in 2011, has been helping students with disabilities from previously disadvantaged backgrounds obtain tertiary qualifications for the past 11 years. Our programme started with 5 students and we are now proudly helping 70 nationally to make their dreams come true.

Most of our students come from backgrounds of poverty and cannot afford basic supplies they need for their course. They also have limited, to no, access to technology. What the Nthuse Foundation does is source funding and sponsorships from various companies and individuals in South Africa thereby enabling us to assist students with bursaries for their tertiary education from the beginning of their chosen course.

Our project also aims to build a pipeline of youth with disabilities for different organisations to absorb them into different aspects of their business units and also to give the youth in Cape Town and Gauteng the opportunity to grow and develop into people who can add value to their communities, families and the overall growth of this country through education. The vision is to grow this project nationally and reach more areas in South Africa.



  • Recruitment and Selection for over 11 years,
  • Disability specialisation in recruitment, training and Learnerships for over 10 Years
  • Owner and founder of Nthuse Diversity Management Solutions CC in 2003
  • Runs various disability awareness programs for HR, EE, Line managers and staff for various organisations
  • Involved in setting up disability policies and assisting organisations with disability integration
  • Worked with the Presidency on setting up disability policies, conference programs etc.
  • Involved in environmental and workstation audits for the Presidency and various Organisations Nationally
  • Co-ordinated and facilitated ACSA disability expo in Gauteng from 2005 to 2007 and the Independent Healthy living
    and disability expo at NASREC in 2008
  • In 2010 Started a successful skills development program for previously disadvantages and students with disabilities, with sponsorships from ACSA, Dell Foundation, Protea Hotels, T-Systems and Mazars.


  • Disability specialist in awareness programs since 2003
  • Training for Nthuse Diversity management Solutions cc
  • Has been involved in Facilities management and done environmental and workstation audits for various organizations Nationally
  • Has been involved in health and safety and implementation of policies around all aspects of these issues
  • Amos works as an independent disability consultant