The Project Rationale is a simple one: our project is one that has targeted not only youth with disabilities but also youth from areas that are riddled with drugs and poverty and where very few youngsters are given any opportunity in life.

Our projects also aim to build a pipeline of youth with disabilities for different organisations to absorb them into different aspects of their business units and also to give the youth opportunities in Cape Town and Gauteng (at this stage) the opportunities to grow and develop into people who can add value to their communities, families and the overall growth of this country through education. The vision is to grow this project nationally.


Phase 1 - Course

Targeted Career Selection


To take students through a process of assessments, testing and coaching to determine natural and highest potential and assist with targeted career planning for each student.


  • Interests-based questionnaire and a career possibilities question sheet
  • Online personality tests are done (Meyers-Briggs / Carl Jung) and Values Table
  • 1st report of possible careers
  • One-on-one interviews and coaching
  • Explore and Research to shape top 3 career options
  • Investigate pay scale guidelines per career
  • Researching institutions and related cost
  • Final Feedback Summary and report per student

Phase 2 - Academic Qualification


Diplomas - Full Time Studies (some of the courses offered)

  • Diploma Business Management
  • Diploma Journalism & Media Studies
  • Diploma Sound Technology
  • Diploma Human Resource Management
  • Diploma Information Technology
  • Diploma Marketing Management
  • Diploma Public Relations
  • Diploma Travel & Tourism
  • Diploma in Public Administration

12 month Certificate courses available

  • Business Administration Skills FET
  • Project Management FET
  • Database Design and Database Implementation
  • Project Management in Information Technology Environment
  • Business Administration Skills
  • Introduction to System Analysis
  • Skills Programme 1 in Banking
  • Skills Programme 1 in Short Term Insurance
  • Skills Programme 1 in Long Term Insurance
  • National Certificate in Electrical Engineering Studies
  • Higher Certificate in PC Engineering

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela"